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Viking Sax knife with leather sheath

Viking Sax knife with leather sheath 62 355

The Saxmesser was used both as a utility tool than as a weapon. It was carried horizontally on your belt. The forged blade is made of unpolished carbon steel, the sheath is made ​​of sturdy brown leather and brass rivets bumpered the handle of the knife is made of wood. The Saxmesser carried almost horizontally on your belt. One of the loops is a little shorter, so the sax at a slight angle to the belt hangs. Thus, the slide out is prevented. Total length of about 32cm. Blade length 18 cm. The knife weighs 410g. Complete with leather sheath weight 540 g
Unit price (excl. Tax plus shipping costs): 85.99 US$
All prices are without Tax! With the European customers the at the moment valid tax rate of 19% is charged at the end of the order!